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Our Missions

I'm your Atlas Obscura Trip Coordinator. Since 2016, Atlas Obscura has been offering unusual trips to the world’s most extraordinary places. Our itineraries are developed in close collaboration with the locals and insiders who host them—our global community of explorers

With our well associated connections and local arrangements, we are sure to deliver our mission with perfection.


Just Fly has an experience of more than 20years in the travel industry. We have been fortunate enough to see a revolutionary change in this sector and be part of the growth and development of it. The company has gone through many transitional phases and with our innovative ideas and concepts.

we have always been a step ahead from the others. We hope to continue and outshine our performance and achieve greater goals in the near future.

We operate

On a 100% transparency policy

We are Just Fly, a travel agency in Kolkata offering all travel arrangements to individuals and/or corporate clients. We have an experience of more than 20years in the travel industry and are known for our trusted prices of travel services.
Just Fly has tie-ups with various airlines and deals directly with them, hence there is no hidden cost involved. We also do group bookings for air tickets, holidays and corporate tours. We have associations with the best international agents all across the globe to offer our clients extremely competitive rates.


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